Witching Hour with Fairlie Theta, Episode 4

Everybody has their idols, people who blazed the trail before you to make your goals more accessible and set benchmarks for your success. When you’re a professional witch, though, there aren’t many…

Louise Huebner, the “staff witch” of KLAC, Los Angeles

The 1960’s brought a new wave of occultism to popular culture, introducing Americans to astrology, numerology, and witchcraft through psychedelic spoken word records, brightly-coloured horoscope books, and shockingly lurid titles. But was any of it actually valuable? Did any of these pop culture witches actually offer tools to empowerment? On the return of the Witching Hour we’re talking about Louise Huebner, astrologer, psychic, and America’s first Official Witch. Mix yourself a Monday cocktail 🕯️✨

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