Ecstasy and Divine Madness

Every once in a while a phrase creeps in and takes root in your experience. It starts slowly, almost imperceptibly, a few chance occurrences that barely catch your notice. But […]

Earth’s Moon: The Cornerstone of Witchcraft

The Moon is such a cornerstone of witchcraft and magic–and for good reason. It dictates tides, informs planting and harvesting schedules, and indicates fertility and breeding patterns across the animal […]

Frenzied Thanksgiving Gratitude

“Tear down the old, bring up the new” 🗝️ The Thanksgiving of my childhood was loud and hectic. We would all pile into my grandmother’s house, the television blaring over […]

Full Moon in Gemini: Shadow Work

It’s a trick of the mind, two faces bathing in the screen light 🌟 I talk a lot about shadow work and why it’s important to know all the darkest […]

Fate and Astrology Transits

I’ve never loved the idea of fate. The romantic in me definitely sees the draw in predestination, the heroic tale of individuation penned by an expert hand for you alone. […]