Sagittarius and the Centaur 2020

Sagittarius Season comes with a certain…reputation. Like its symbol, the Centaur, we tend to think of Sagittarius as a boisterous, bawdy energy, the kind that fills a room with loud […]

Earth’s Moon: The Cornerstone of Witchcraft

The Moon is such a cornerstone of witchcraft and magic–and for good reason. It dictates tides, informs planting and harvesting schedules, and indicates fertility and breeding patterns across the animal […]

Frenzied Thanksgiving Gratitude

“Tear down the old, bring up the new” 🗝️ The Thanksgiving of my childhood was loud and hectic. We would all pile into my grandmother’s house, the television blaring over […]

Full Moon in Gemini: Shadow Work

It’s a trick of the mind, two faces bathing in the screen light 🌟 I talk a lot about shadow work and why it’s important to know all the darkest […]