Whether it’s my Sagittarius stellium basking under the glow of the transiting Sun or simply an exercise in reflective growth, the days leading up to my birthday are some of the strangest, deepest moments of my life. I find myself absorbed in examining the year behind me from every possible side, the lessons learned, the evolution achieved, the progress made. It’s not always a happy exercise: in the past, this has led me to a lot of anxiety and depression about the passage of time and obstacles not yet overcome–I’ve had my fair share of existential crises over birthdays come and gone. But when you commit yourself to magic, things take on a totally new light.

I finally had the chance to pull up my solar return chart for the upcoming year and it’s full of purpose, devotion, and strength. Its configuration is one I haven’t consciously encountered before and I’m interested to see how it plays out, especially as I head into a personal 9 Cycle year, closing out chapters left unfinished and preparing for the next act. It can be difficult to objectively measure your own growth, especially when you’re your own worst critic (and so many of us are), but between my solar return chart and my progressed chart, I feel like I have my finger on the pulse. I can feel the energy ahead and I can see how far it’s come from the past. And this is why I am so madly in love with astrology: its ability to deliver direction and purpose.

As we approach the end of the year, so many of us begin to look ahead and create plans for what’s to come. This has certainly been a year for the record books, one that taught us that best laid plans often go awry, but also emphasized personal accountability and inner growth. I’m booking my last appointments of the year, and I’m excited to walk people through their next steps, to look at the energy ahead and talk about how it can be met head-on. You can still book directly through my website, FairlieTheta.com (redirects to MoonandMajesty.com. Thank you for taking this ride with me, and thank you for trusting me. Let’s keep making magick 🌟

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