Sagittarius Season comes with a certain…reputation. Like its symbol, the Centaur, we tend to think of Sagittarius as a boisterous, bawdy energy, the kind that fills a room with loud laughter and gleeful whoops of joy. It charges forward, takes what it wants, and doesn’t care about the chaos it leaves in its wake. Life is a party and we’re here to enjoy it. But there’s another side to Sagittarius–and it’s definitely my favourite.

The centaurs counted amongst their numbers several of the most gifted healers and teachers in mythology, and the sign reflects their legacy through its penchant for higher learning and wisdom seeking. Purpose lies in the pursuit of truth and life’s greatest treasure is the knowledge acquired along the way. In this expression, Sagittarius’ capacity for expansion is used to read every book, engage every conversation, travel every road to collect every possible experience and create a life of supreme meaning.

This year, in place of birthday and holiday gifts, I asked for contributions towards a few courses I want to take. Education has always been important to me and the ability to support thinkers and creators I admire gives me more joy than any gadget or knick-knack could provide. As we move into a new year, I’ve made a point to carve out time for learning and replace potentially destructive habits with constructive alternatives: instead of endlessly scrolling and refreshing feeds, I pick up a book; I turn my phone off at night and delay notifications each morning so I have time to quiet my mind and write my own words. And my Sagittarian zeal is focussed entirely on the potential knowledge I’ll gain through my new studies–a pure joy I have not felt in nearly a year.

Harness this energy an ask yourself how you support your own joy. How do you create purpose in your life, and how do you pursue growth? After the year we’ve had, you may be surprised to find your truth on a very different path than you thought you would travel 🏹✨

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