Natal Chart Consultations

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New to astrology? Start here!

Your natal chart is a portrait of you translated through the stars, and holds key information about your personality, the way you express yourself, the relationships you forge, and the journey make through life.

Using your precise birth time, place, and date, we’ll translate the secret messages of your inner universe and arm you with information to tap your highest potential.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Astrology newbies, anyone looking to understand themselves on a deeper level, unravel karmic cycles, explore purpose and meaning on a higher plane, and step into their full power.

WHEN BOOKING please provide your exact date, place, and time of birth (to the best of your ability: if you do not know your exact birth time, please note this at booking so we can plan a little extra time to rectify your chart). All appointments are conducted via Skype unless otherwise requested: please include your Skype information at booking.


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