Love & Compatibility: Synastry Relationship Consultations

From: $350.00

Relationships are just as unique as the individuals involved: Synastry paints a colorful portrait of your relationship and the way you work best together. By combining the natal information of two people, we can discover the strengths and challenges within the relationship as well as the lessons each individual teaches the other. Together, we’ll create a cosmic playbook for ease of expression, conflict resolution, and greater understanding between you and your partner. While this report is usually generated for couples, it can be used to read relationships between any two individuals.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Lovers new and old, business partners, best friends, curious exes, and anyone looking to learn from, through, and with their relationships.

PLEASE NOTE: this report is created using the unique birth date, place, and time (to the best of your ability) of two individuals. Please provide this information upon booking. All appointments are conducted over Skype unless otherwise specified at booking



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