Aquae Numen (Spiritual Water)


You are a bright and shiny thing, crowned with stars, blessed by the cosmos. With a wave of your hand you consecrate worlds; Wash away aeons. All of time begs to be yours —you only need to part your lips and speak your desires.

Inspired by Florida Water, a classic spiritual cologne used for cleansing and consecration, Aquae Numen is made from our secret recipe of cleansing and protective botanicals steeped for a full lunar cycle in all natural grain spirits, potent hydrasols, and floral essences. Handmade in small batches under ideal astrological conditions, each 4oz bottle is packed in our signature cobalt glass to protect the delicate but powerful herbal compounds inside. Mix into your floor wash to purge negative energies from your home, use a splash in your bath water to ground and cleanse, or wipe ritual tools clean before and after spell work for an energetic reset.


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Made from ethical and sustainable materials.

Due to the completely natural quality of this product, settling is natural: if separation occurs, re-cap and gently shake the bottle. The delicate spring green colour comes from a process known as louching, or solidifying of botanical oils within the formula. Once dry, Aquae Numen has a soft, spicy floral fragrance.

Please Note: While Aquae Numen can be used as a personal fragrance, always perform a patch test before applying to large areas of skin. Intended for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. 4oz/118mL

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