There’s always that one criticism we take to heart, that thing people say to insult us or shake our confidence that works better than they could ever know. For me, it’s being “fun.” While no one could ever call me a stick-in-the-mud, I’ve definitely been accused of being too serious, living life in my head and allowing ideas to get in the way of being present. Ever seen someone taking notes in the corner of a dance club? That’s the level of un-fun we’re talking about here. It’s not a matter of social anxiety–I’m a pretty classic ENFP and I love being around people–but it is a classic example of tough planetary placements.

When I talk with people about their charts, I emphasize challenging placements. I firmly believe that we can grow through our energies and become stronger individuals in the process, but we need to know what what we’re equipped with before we begin. This is a much larger picture than just your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs–this involves aspects, dignity, and nodes, degrees of expression and evolutionary arcs. Often, the stars prescribe their own treatment even when it’s a tough pill to swallow–for me, it means pulling my energy out of my head and allowing myself to experience physical reality through the human body I was given, however fallible and fragile it may be. The security of the physical is just one part of the cosmic puzzle I’m tasked to work through, and as I continue to grow I know there will be other pieces to place. For now, I simply trust the stars–and myself–with the process.

There’s a balance to be struck in accepting your inborn gifts and working through the inherent challenges. Being so Mercury dominant gives me major advantages in situations that require clarity of thought and intentional language, even if it prevents me from the confident security I need to cultivate. Leaning into new expressions does not cause us to lose the gifts we’ve been given, it merely expands our potential. In this Season of Expansion, ask yourself how you can embrace your challenges. Where have your strengths actually kept you stuck? Pull up the anchor✨

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