“Tear down the old, bring up the new” 🗝️

The Thanksgiving of my childhood was loud and hectic. We would all pile into my grandmother’s house, the television blaring over shouted conversations, creating a never-ending escalation of voices and cheers that became its own sort of white noise. The dining room was set with so many chairs that an extra folding table spilled into the living room, but there was still never enough space for the food made and brought. It was chaotic and more than a little tense and there were so many years I would rather have stayed home and read a book in my quiet room, but looking back I wish I’d been more present in those moments. With the older generations of my family gone, I no longer have access to their stories or experience. I wish I had talked with them more, learned their stories, their histories.

We tend to think that things will last forever: there will always be loud, frenzied holiday dinners, there will always be boring old family members, there will always be obligatory gatherings and loud sports games and dishes to wash. But one day there won’t. Holidays change, people come and go, houses are bought and sold. Make the best of each situation, be fully present in each moment, and find something to appreciate each and every day.

Share that gratitude with those you love, even if you have to shout it. Treasure the moments you have. Start a new tradition of love and strength and watch the world change around you.

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