I’ve never loved the idea of fate. The romantic in me definitely sees the draw in predestination, the heroic tale of individuation penned by an expert hand for you alone. But the Sagittarius in me is loathe to accept that I may not be my own master. The more I study metaphysics and cosmic law, the more I believe it may be some mix of both, a path of purpose we often choose not to follow.

In Greek mythology, fate was assigned. Your story was crafted within three days of your birth upon the loom of the Moirae, the sisters Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Each thread they spun represented a human life, and with every twist and knot a story was spun. But every once in a while, a story took on its own life, a feat of will and autonomy. And we may be coming to just such a moment in mythology…

This has been a year of Big Transits. Between January’s Saturn Pluto conjunction, the Great Conjunction in December, and the constant clashes of Jupiter and Pluto in between, we’ve seen a lot of historical turning points. But there may be more to the story than we think: today, Clotho and Lachesis square Jupiter and Pluto, drawing the threads of power and authority tight, reminding us that there’s more to the story than we’ve seen. We’ve relinquished control without question and allowed our stories to be co-opted by the Capricorn Cabal, those forces of Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto whose only mission is to sell us back our own shadows. We have a rare opportunity to peer behind the curtain, to see the thread as it was spun, to draw it back onto our own path. But Atropos, the third sister with her golden shears treks backwards through Leo, a retrograde reminder that pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall, and she’s set a trap for the biggest egos in the game. On December 31st, Atropos will oppose Saturn and Jupiter just out of their conjunction in Aquarius. The thread will be cut. And if we can keep purpose at the forefront of our minds, the story can be reclaimed.

Use the next few weeks to untangle the energy around you and find the thread that keeps you tethered to the chaos. Untie yourself from shadows and reclaim your path.

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